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Wunderlite Reproduction Panels.  Pressed Metal Panels

As families outgrow their homes and need more space to meet modern lifestyles a heritage listed house can become a burdan.

This small heritage listed home had become impractical for a growing family.

It was important for the family in any home renevation or extension to capture the historical features of the house in a modern context.

Wunderlite consulted with the architect and owners to ensure the character was not lost while acheiving a modern space.

The scope of works included

  • Consult, manufacture and install
  • Repairing existing pressed metal in the original house
  • Renovate existing ceiling in living area with a classic pattern
  • Consult and install pressed metal in a connecting hallway from the original home to the new extension
  • Rooms to meet modern requirements while maintaining the original character of the home
  • A traditional decorative ceiling in the main bedroom
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Wunderlite Production Panels have been supplying and installing quality Pressed Metal Panels since the 1980's.

Our Pressed Metal Panels have been used in Modern and Contemporary Settings, Churches, Corporate Offices, Clubs and more.

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