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The Buckingham Wallpaper project came across Wunderlite's desk after a client realised that recreating embossed wallpaper the original way would be not only time consuming but also absurdly expensive. The main provider of such products resided in England!

In light of this, Wunderlite set about the manufacture of the same wallpaper product in pressed metal at a far cheaper price. The end product was superior and durable and looked just like the original wallpaper when painted.

Below is an overview of how the project evolved into a reality.

The client supplied Wunderlite with a photograph which
illustrated the wallpaper's original application, a sample
of the wallpaper and the client's 2D representation of the wallpaper pattern.

Buckingham 1

Wunderlite then utilised the clients existing
information on the pattern to replicate the
pattern via a reverse engineering process.

Buckingham 2

Based on the data compiled, a full scale
3D representation of the pattern was generated
for client revision.

Buckingham 3

Once the design was finalised, the digital
3D model data was sent off to be CNC cut in form
of a male and female die.

Buckingham 4

With the male and female dies complete the wall
paper pattern can now be mass produced as pressed
metal sheets ready for installation.

Buckingham 5

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