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This 1830's church had its ceiling replaced with high relief pressed zinc panels in the 1890's after the original timber ceiling was destroyed by fire.

The ceiling had subsequently been damaged over the years due to some leakage and rusting, lack of adhesion in the layers of paint applied over the years. Structural damage had been sustained with the installation of an organ, which involved the removal of a large section of the ceiling over the Choir Loft along with florescent lighting panels which had been cut into the ceiling during the 1960's.
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Wunderlite was approached by John Graham and Associates, architects to the Church, to provide suggestions, a scope of works and a budget to restore the pressed metal decoration in the Nave.

The unique aspect of this project was that as the busiest Catholic Church in the country the work had to be done without interrupting services. These were transferred to a temporary hall established in the original basement of the church and continued 7 days per week during the whole of the renovation project.


Wunderlite was chosen by A. W. Edwards, the main contractor. Our work was completed two months later and included abrasive blasting, demolition and replacement of damaged panels and the establishment of a passive ventilation cowling system built into the design of the ceiling and invisible from below.

We also were contracted to paint the topcoat colours and the gold highlights throughout the Nave and the Sanctuary.

Services were moved back into the Nave in 6 months later and the ceiling works compliment the refurbishment of all the windows, statues and other decorations to re-establish St Pats as a wonderful place of devotion and a credit to the Church.

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