The Downing Centre Awning Project - Wunderlite Reproduction Panels

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This historic building was originally a landmark city department store [Mark Foys] with an extensive awning protecting three sides of the building, three major entrances and a forecourt along Liverpool Street in central Sydney. The total length of awning involved was some 264 metres. thumb markfoysbefore

After falling into disuse the building was acquired by the NSW Justice Department and destined to be completely restored and refitted as a Court House Complex.

Wunderlite was invited to inspect the condition of the awning and advise upon the feasibility of recovering for re-use some of the existing material to be incorporated in the restoration. Again the soffit had been extensively damaged by rust and pollution and by birds which had nested for years in the damaged awning. There were however areas in which the panels were in good condition and worth preservation and these areas were demolished with care and about 30% of the panels retained for re-use.

markfoyafter Wunderlite contracted to strip, repair and replate the panels retained and to manufacture dies to replicate all 9 of the patterns making up the soffit design. The contract also included repairing and replacing the awning roof and box guttering, re-establishing the joists and battening system as per the original structure, re-fixing the new and the original facia and soffit panels and painting to the original design.

This project occupied some 6 months on site working alongside a full compliment of other sub contractors and resulted in a remarkable restoration effort, a credit to the Public Works Department of NSW and their Heritage Architects.

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