Sydney Town Hall - Concert Chamber Ceiling - Wunderlite Reproduction Panels

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The Pressed Metal Ceiling in the Concert Chamber was the first metal ceiling installed in Australia. The idea was promoted to the Town Council of the day by the Wunderlich brothers who convinced the council that the heavily decorated plaster ceiling, originally planned, was in danger of breaking up and falling due to the vibrations expected from the base notes of the new organ being shipped out from England. This organ was to be one of most powerful of its time.

The decision was made to redesign the ceiling in metal and the Wunderlich brothers set up their company to manufacture it largely from zinc which at that time was a by-product of the copper and lead mines at Broken Hill and elsewhere.

Wunderlite was invited to strip the paint buildup and repair damaged elements in the ceiling as well as reproducing and replacing missing and damaged elements of the design. Our contract extended through to top coating in the final colours.

This work resulted in another significant contribution to the heritage stock of the Sydney CBD.

This project was of particular satisfaction of us as it represented the full circle in that we were chosen to repair the very first metal ceiling which was the inspiration for all that came after. It was the Sydney Town Hall ceiling, which was also our own inspiration to set-up our company to carry on the tradition of manufacturing such ceiling panels.

Wunderlite Production Panels have been supplying and installing quality Pressed Metal Panels since the 1980's.

Our Pressed Metal Panels have been used in Modern and Contemporary Settings, Churches, Corporate Offices, Clubs and more.

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