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Wunderlite Reproduction Panels.  Pressed Metal Panels

Installing the panelsThis installation was on a large living room ceiling in a 1960's brick vaneer house. The original gyprock ceiling had been patched and repaired numerous times due to cracking, as the house is built on reactive soil. Rather than install an expansion joint, the owners decided to clad the ceiling with our aluminium panels. They chose our Tulip pattern for the ceiling panels, to match the existing cornice, which was in good condition.

During installation, the airconditioning vents and light fittings were first removed, and the ceiling checked and secured so it could bear the weight of the panels. The panel lay-out was designed so that they spanned the cracks, rather than joining near them. Stud adhesive was applied to the back of the panels, and two peel rivets used to locate each sheet as they were fixed to the ceiling. Additional peel rivets were then inserted along the joints of the panels to close any gaps. Cut-outs for the airconditioning vents and light fittings were made as necesssary, and after sealing the joints and edges with a filler, matt ceiling paint applied using a fluffy roller.

Installing the panels...                                                                   The finished ceiling...

Ceiling 1    Ceiling 2

                                                                                                                            Thanks Paul and Sharn!


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