How do I install Pressed Metal Panels? - Wunderlite Reproduction Panels

Wunderlite Reproduction Panels.  Pressed Metal Panels

Plan the layout of patterns so that full sheets are seen first when one enters the room. Cuts are best left for surfaces which are not looked at until the overall pattern is established.
First install the Cornice if it is to be used.
3. Place the battens or furring strips so that the joints between patterns may be fixed on battens.
Fix the sheets by drilling and applying pop rivets or by nailing to timber with small flat head nails.

For more information on installing pressed metal panels, please see our Installation Guide.

Wunderlite Production Panels have been supplying and installing quality Pressed Metal Panels since the 1980's.

Our Pressed Metal Panels have been used in Modern and Contemporary Settings, Churches, Corporate Offices, Clubs and more.

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