How can Pressed Metal Panels enhance the design of a room's interiors inexpensively? - Wunderlite Reproduction Panels

Wunderlite Reproduction Panels.  Pressed Metal Panels

Pressed metal designs immediately distinguish and personalise the design by providing a decorated surface instead in place of a plain one. Pressed metal designs on ceilings for example, completely transform the look of a room and this is achieved inexpensively, either by overlaying the panels on furring strips or using the metal to line a new ceiling installation in place of plasterboard. Installing pressed metal can be easily done by a handyman or individually as there is no detailed finishing work required as there is with plasterboard.

Wunderlite Production Panels have been supplying and installing quality Pressed Metal Panels since the 1980's.

Our Pressed Metal Panels have been used in Modern and Contemporary Settings, Churches, Corporate Offices, Clubs and more.

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