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Daisy Chain Pressed Metal Panel


Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain



Pressed Metal Panel Details

Daisy Chain  600 x 1800mm
2' x 6'
Daisy Chain A sweet pattern that compliments any modern house- particulary for bedrooms and lounge rooms. The Daisy Chain offers a calm and lighthearted feel, and will create a soothing ambience for any room.

A pressed metal panel small daisy pattern in a traditional repeating square - perfect for bedrooms.
Finishes Aluminium, Galvanised, EtchPrimed, Other
Applications N/A
Type Pressed Metal Panel

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  • wunderlite factory stock-200c301We have a large range of stock resulting in a fast turnaround
  • We manufacture and install
  • We provide a variety of services and consultation for projects of all sizes
  • We have over 30 years experience
  • We are an industry leader
  • We can reproduce any pattern
  • We work closely with heritage departments and bodies
  • We provide a variety of finishes for the pressed metal panels including:
    • Aluminium
    • Galvanised
    • Etch Primed
    • Copper
    • Various other sheet metals

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